ADVISE mid-market companies and growth oriented startups that are ready to expand, transition and explore new opportunities

DEVELOP comprehensive strategies to create new market opportunities in US and abroad

FULFILL approved strategic initiatives, enhancing productivity and promoting growth

Bridge Innovation Partners (BIP) is a consulting and advisory company founded and operated by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We have been there personally, from launching companies, to scale, to profitable exits.

We partner with our clients to not only develop practical, impactful solutions, but we are also built to work alongside our clients to see those solutions through to a successful conclusion.

  • Company succession/change of control/shareholder relations
  • M&A on buy- or sell-side
  • New geographic or product/service markets
  • Fundraising; strategic and financial
  • Board, Management, Employment compensation schemes and alignment
  • Corporate Governance
  • Internationalization / Joint Ventures / Subsidiaries