Empowering Internationalization
for Growth Companies

ADVISE companies that are ready to explore and enter the US, China and other markets.

DEVELOP comprehensive strategies to create new market opportunities in key world markets

ADVANCE by creating business development opportunities in the US, China and other markets through direct customer acquisition, distributor agreements, licensing and joint venturing

Bridge Innovation Partners (BIP) is a corporate development firm that collaborates with SMEs to access new markets, support product development and secure capital investment through our proprietary, integrated platform: Internationalization As A Service (IAAS)™.

Our IAAS™ platform has been built on more than 10 years of experience developing and executing international market-expansion strategies.

Our Clients


Clean Tech, Energy Efficiency & Ag Tech

The global challenge of efficiently using resources require innovative solutions. This sector broke through the fringe to center stage, only gaining momentum over the last few years. BIP is positioned to help emerging cleantech companies and other stakeholders leverage the global network that is needed to break through.

Med Devices, HealthTech & Health Services

By improving patients’ lives through a steady stream of revolutionary services and products, innovations emerging from this sector are transforming healthcare on a global scale. BIP helps you work through the complicated regulatory, technology and operational challenges of the medtech sector.

Smart City, IoT and
Artificial Intelligence

This wide-ranging industry is expected to explode from $25B to $62B in just 8 years. Analytics, AI/ML, security and other applications and services vendors are poised to benefit greatly from this growth. BIP provides support throughout the ecosystem as a true partner, helping to manage development and execution throughout the growth lifecycle.

Growth Stage

Companies with commercial products in growth mode need to assess how to diversify sales channels internationally, however there a few established models in which to do so. Entering international markets requires several additional layers of complexity even as the market opportunity is too big to ignore.

  • Established Technology
  • Home market sales growth
  • Low capital requirements for commercialization
  • International expansion & branding actively considered
  • Promoting innovation and R&D

Internationalization As A Service – IAAS™ Platform

Bridge Innovation Partners provides SMEs a strategic framework and proven process to work through the challenges of internationalization.

We utilize IAAS™ to ensure stakeholder alignment around our clients’ vision and value proposition. BIP helps to build meaningful connections with local networks, create long-term partnership opportunities, and actively support the development of local operations.

Our platform is designed to emphasize insights and practices that conserve time and money, as our clients evaluate, and later proceed with internationalization.

About Bridge Innovation Partners

Bridge Innovation Partners (BIP) is an advisory firm that promotes growth companies through the critical stages of commercialization and internationalization. Through our proprietary Internationalization As A Service™ platform, we provide an integrated offering by partnering with SMEs to access new markets, support product development and secure capital investment.

Our Partners

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If you would like to learn more about our approach, send an email to us directly. We’re happy to provide more information, or arrange a call to discover more about your growth objectives and how we might be able to contribute.

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