Transitioning Businesses

Bridge Innovation Partners, along with our partners, collaborate with company owners, shareholders and leadership teams to maximize outcomes during critical transition events. These pivot points can take several forms, but they’re generally associated with cap table adjustments, exits, capital or growth:

  • Company succession/change of control
    • Capital structure analysis and building stakeholder strategy and alignment around change of control situations
  • Internationalization
    • Strong ecosystems in Asia and the Europe for establishing new sales channel, executing licensing and joint venture agreements and supporting IP protection and local branding
  • M&A
    • Expertise in developing M&A strategy and planning, financial modeling and representing corporate buyers, as well as our clients on the sell-side
  • Product development/sales strategy
    • Supporting the development, commercialization and scaling of existing and new product lines and markets
  • Fundraise
    • Two decades of experience in building comprehensive valuation analyses and raising growth capital through our growing network of family offices, corporate investors and institutional fund managers

Preferred Sectors

For years, our team has worked with companies across the industry spectrum. And while in some ways we’re industry agnostic, BIP has developed particularly deep experience and leverage-able networks in several key segments.

Clean Tech, Energy Efficiency & Ag Tech

The global challenge of efficiently using resources require innovative solutions. This sector broke through the fringe to center stage, only gaining momentum over the last few years. BIP is positioned to help emerging cleantech companies and other stakeholders leverage the global network that is needed to break through.

Med Devices, HealthTech & Health Services

By improving patients’ lives through a steady stream of revolutionary services and products, innovations emerging from this sector are transforming healthcare on a global scale. BIP helps you work through the complicated regulatory, technology and operational challenges of the medtech and health services sector.

Smart City, IoT and
Artificial Intelligence

This industry is expected to explode from $25B to $62B in just 8 years. Analytics, AI / ML and other apps/services companies are poised to benefit from this growth. BIP provides support throughout the ecosystem as a true partner, helping to manage development and execution throughout the growth lifecycle.


Mid-market manufacturing firms tend to grow and hire substantially faster than small and large businesses. And 80% of firms said that they’re ready to invest in machinery and other capital spending. New opportunities abound across the board in this space, and BIP is prepared to help advance the take advantage of this bull market.

IT and Mobility

One of the biggest challenges for mid-market companies is devising a strategy and implementing an approach that leverages accessible technology solutions, often with capital and other resource constraints. The Bridge approach prioritizes and achieves impactful, practical solutions, always viewing IT through the ROI-lens.

New Retail

Choices for many years were bifurcated: online or retail store. Now, we have a new frontier: integrated technology/bricks & mortar shopping experience. ’New Retail’ empowers retailers to personalize their customers’ shopping experiences. BIP is will work with your team to discover new ways to leverage tech, improve experiences and the bottom line.