Empowering Internationalization
for Growth Companies

Growth Stage

Companies with commercial products in growth mode need to assess how to diversify sales channels internationally, however there a few established models in which to do so. Entering international markets requires several additional layers of complexity even as the market opportunity is too big to ignore.

  • Established Technology
  • Home market sales growth
  • Low capital requirements for commercialization
  • International expansion & branding actively considered
  • Promoting innovation and R&D

Internationalization As A Service – IAAS™ Platform

Bridge Innovation Partners provides SMEs a strategic framework and proven process to work through the challenges of internationalization.

We utilize IAAS™ to ensure stakeholder alignment around our clients’ vision and value proposition. BIP helps to build meaningful connections with local networks, create long-term partnership opportunities, and actively support the development of local operations.

Our platform is designed to emphasize insights and practices that conserve time and money, as our clients evaluate, and later proceed with internationalization.

Our Partners

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